Licenses and Permits

Business License

A Business License is required for all businesses.

$50.00 for the first year (Jan. 1st through Dec. 31st)
$25.00 renewals

A Business License Application is available at City Hall. Application and payment for license must be submitted and approved before opening of business.

Renewal forms are mailed in December for the next year’s license. For more information contact the City Hall at (479) 267-3865.

Pet License

City Ordinance requires dogs & cats to be licensed. You are required to bring proof of current rabies vaccination and purchase a new city tag each year at Farmington City Hall.

License costs

Under 6 months of age $5.00
Neutered male or spayed female $5.00
Intact male or female $10.00

Once the fee is paid you will be given a metal city tag. This tag as well as the rabies tag given to you by the vet should be attached to the animals collar at all times. Should your pet become lost, and we pick it up, we will use these tags to locate you.

Yard Sale Permit

A permit must be obtained at City Hall prior to the yard sale by filling out an application. Permit price is $10.00 and is issued for no more than three (3) consecutive days. Only four (4) permits for yard sales are allowed per calendar year.

  • Do not use boxes (examples-cardboard & plastic cubes) with rocks inside to advertise the yard sale.
  • Address of yard sale must be on all signs.
  • Do not place advertising signs in the public right-of-way (place signs 15 ft. from all curbs or streets).
  • Do not place advertising signs on utility poles or street signs.
  • Do not place advertising signs on private property without permission of the property owner.
  • All advertising signs shall be removed no later that 24 hours following the last date of the sale.